JIFFEE is under active development, but it is an experiment in progress and it is not yet ready for beta release. Most of it is tested and works fine, but a few parts are still missing or incomplete, and even the architecture is still subject to change.

What is JIFFEE?

JIFFEE (JavaScript Interactive Fiction Framework for Education and Entertainment) is a tool for creating Interactive Fiction. Interactive Fiction is a form of computer game that has been around for decades - in fact it was one of the first types of computer games. Sometimes Interactive Fiction games are called "text adventures" because they are based on the idea that the computer says something to you (the player) using text instead of graphics, and then you reply in the same way, i.e. by calmly typing regular words or sentences instead of by frantically clicking or waving a controller. Although anyone can use JIFFEE, it was designed with particular attention to the needs of teachers.

How can JIFFEE help me in the classroom?

If you are an educator looking for tools to help your students develop their language comprehension skills, then JIFFEE was designed for you. It can be especially useful for foreign-language and second-language instruction, at any level from elementary through high school or college. Adding JIFFEE-based games to your toolkit of instructional techniques provides you with several advantages:

For more details about the educational use of this tool, see JIFFEE in the Classroom. (To be fair, there are other authoring systems for Interactive Fiction which also provide many of these advantages, especially if you only care about English. The Links page gives pointers to the most popular ones.)

Since the best way to learn what IF games look like is to play one, you might also want to check out Games Written in JIFFEE for a few examples of games that you can play right in your browser.

How does JIFFEE compare to other IF authoring systems?

Like virtually every other IF authoring tool, JIFFEE is intended to make it as easy as possible to get started and is free for anyone to use, but it also has a few unusual characteristics which distinguish it from most existing authoring systems:

If you are already familiar with Interactive Fiction and you want to try your hand at writing games using JIFFEE, see Authoring Games with JIFFEE.

If you are interested in the design of IF systems in general and JIFFEE in particular, you can find plenty of detail in JIFFEE Framework Design.

How do I navigate this web site?

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