Authoring Games with JIFFEE

How Do I Get Started Writing JIFFEE Games?

The best way to get started is by reading and working through the hands-on tutorial. You don't need to do the whole thing; even the first couple chapters will demonstrate enough for you to write a fully functional game. Working through additional chapters will expand your skills and possibilities, but that's strictly optional.

Another great way to learn about how JIFFEE games work is to read the source code for existing games. Any time you are playing a game and wonder "How did they do that?", you can look at the source code and find out. Warning: This can be a spoiler if the game has any puzzles or surprises, so it's best not to do this until after you've finished playing the game.

Finally, there is a wealth of advice available to help you:

Can I Publish My JIFFEE Games on the Internet?

Of course you can - that's the whole point. You are welcome to read, play with, and use any of the code on this web site, but be aware that I do retain copyright to it. I grant you the right to publish your own games that include the JIFFEE system code, but you may not sell or redistribute JIFFEE itself (or its documentation) except to the extent that it is embedded in your game. My current plan is to eventually open-source this whole tool, but not until I'm comfortable that it's reasonably stable and complete.

In order to publish your game, you will need to use a hosting service which allows you to upload HTML files. There are many free hosting services available, such as:

If you think your game is really good, please consider sharing it:

Where Can I Talk About Writing JIFFEE Games?