Games Written in JIFFEE

What do I Need to Play JIFFEE Games?

All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Any of the following browsers will work:

You can jump right in by clicking on one of the links below to fire up a JIFFEE game, but if you've never before indulged in Interactive Fiction you might find it helpful to first read this brief introduction: How to Play Interactive Fiction.

Which JIFFEE Games Can I Play?

Here is a list of a few games that are available, all of which were created using JIFFEE. [1]

Where Can I Talk About JIFFEE Games?

[1] Please forgive the quality of the actual translations, as they were done by machine and are not very good yet. Also, the user's commands must still be given in English because although the code is there to support multi-lingual input, I still need to sit down with a fluent speaker in each language to avoid making a complete mess of the input parser. These examples do, however, begin to demonstrate the capacity of JIFFEE to handle multiple languages.