How to Write Good Interactive Fiction

Most of this web site is about the technical details of JIFFEE, but the whole point of JIFFEE (or indeed of any authoring system) is to be so easy to use that pretty soon you don't really have to think about the tool. Instead, you can devote the bulk of your energy to authoring a piece of Interactive Fiction as a literary work, focusing your attention on the creative aspects like crafting the scenes, contriving clever puzzles, organizing a plot line, and developing characters.

While we still haven't totally reached that goal, we're trying, and we hope our tools are sufficiently good that they don't get in your way and do allow you to spend a good part of your efforts on these literary aspects of your game. Of course this part of IF has a great deal in common with more conventional literature, and there are many articles available on the web which offer advice on how to improve your writing and improve your games. To get you started thinking about IF-as-art, here are a few articles that I found interesting: