Discussion Groups About JIFFEE

There are five Yahoo! Groups related to JIFFEE. They all have open membership, so feel free to join any that interest you.

General Information About Interactive Fiction

Here are some Internet websites and newsgroups related to all kinds of Interactive Fiction (not just JIFFEE):

Of course, you can get lots more information if you simply:

Other IF Authoring Systems

JIFFEE is by no means the only IF authoring system, nor the oldest, nor the most popular. In fact, it's the new kid on the block and is as yet totally unproven. Since we (the authors of such systems) all share the same goal of improving the state-of-the-art in IF and making it more easily accessible to more people, I encourage you to check out the other more mature authoring systems. Try them all to see what you like and dislike about them, then join in the discussion about the future of IF — or just have fun playing the games! To get you started, here are a couple of the more popular systems:

Literary Aspects of IF

There is a lot of material available on the craft of writing good IF, so much that it would have crowded this page.